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Siberian Photography


vladislav nekrasov

Nekrasov's diverse body of work includes documentary photography, photo-projects dedicated to specific themes, art photography, and more. Vladislav explains his approach, “I am a photo-journalist. I do features, chronicling news and current events, creating stories. In my free time, I can go creative. I can’t single out a specific style in the way I do photography. Everything is worth photographing, in my opinion.”

One of Vladislav’s projects is called The Typology of a Russian Dacha. He states, "I am tired of living amid the hustle and bustle of the city. As a person who grew up spending a lot of time at the dacha I am interested in all aspects of human contact with the land. I like to be in touch with nature, explore this contact and articulate what I have discovered.”

Contact Vladislav through Instagram:


All photographs courtesy of the artist

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