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valentin usvanov

A resident of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoiarsk region, Valentin Usvanov has been a  photographer for more than  thirty years.   Usvanov is a member of the Art Photographers Union of Russia. His exquisite photographic landscapes have been widely exhibited. Valentin Usvanov  has acted as an expert  juror for the  art contest “My Land! My View!” held in Krasnoyarsk.


Valentin Usvanov's body of work focuses on  outdoor photography. His favorite genre is winter landscape. An ultimate master of landscape photography, Usvanov achieves stunning monochromatic effects in his works — without denying himself the pleasure of working with color . In many of his works, his minimalist approach to the color palette, expert handling of light,  and  masterfully structured compositions add a sense of gravitas to the nature's fleeting states and the feel of permanence to the earth’s gorgeousness.

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