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Integrated Arts in the Age of Anthropocene 
Siberian Photography


The exhibition showcases recent work by five Siberian photographers: Elena Anosova, Ayar Kuo, Vlad Nekrasov, Valentin Usvanov, and Lubov Furs.


Each of the artists in this exhibition has a set of visual tools and strategies uniquely their own. However, we propose to look at these selections within the framework of the notion of Anthropocene. Anthropocene is a 21st century term that has come to define a new era in the life of our planet – triggered by the industrial revolution. The era starts with the invention of a steam engine in the late 18th century, and the ensuing industrial consumption of fossil fuel. The Anthropocene’s ongoing onslaught  upon Earth’s systems takes many shapes: fossil fuel extraction and combustion, deforestation, air and water pollution, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, and more. 

Artistic interpretations of the human-nature interactions have become a powerful vantage point from which to observe and comment on the humanity’s diverse ways to inhabit Planet Earth. Artistic insights set a discourse and  give us a language to think Anthropocene. The superb works of five Siberian photographers in this online exhibition share with us, their viewers, a chance to become part of this conversation.

The American Siberian Education Foundation would like to express its profound gratitude to our Siberian partners for their generosity in sharing their art.